Grape clusterFinding wines that are inexpensive: A friend recently asked me, how can I find wines I like for 10 or 20 dollars. Friends of his also told him that they had many disappointments when trying to find inexpensive wines.  

It helps to do a bit of research, but first define what it is that you like in a wine. Red or white; sweet, dry, buttery, chalky, or steely, light, delicate, robust and fruity or a more balanced and laid back wine.  Young, slightly acidic or older more laid back?  A taste eruption or simple.  So many ways to describe what wine is best for you

Get out the adjectives and think about it a bit. Then, go to your local supermarket or wine store where they stock a wide variety of wine types and talk to the department manager.  These folks constantly taste to learn about wines they stock, and take pride in their ability to direct customers to what best fits their wants.  They are your best source to finding a wine that suites your particular taste.  They want you to ask.

There are so many wineries in the world and so many different kinds of wines, we all need help when choosing an unfamiliar wine or winery.  According to one source, there are now more than 5,300 wineries in the United States, and we are fourth in vineyard acreage behind China, Turkey, Italy, France and Spain.  We have 945,000 acres producing grapes while combined acreage of those five countries are 9,000,000+

Vineyard acreage world 2

World Wide Vineyard Acreage

Total vineyard acreage under cultivation in the world is 18,175,000.  Incredible!  That’s a lot of grapes and a whole lot of wine.  The United States is only 5.2% of vineyard acreage in the world.  Still, if you live in California as I do; when looking at the 3,000 plus wineries here, most producing more than one type of varietal in California, and so much wonderful wine generally, it’s difficult to choose what is best from among them without expert guidance. 

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