Forman Vineyards; You could call this “the lost winery” because there are no signs or maps to help you find it!

And that’s the way Ric Forman wants it.

View from Forman Winery over Napa Valley, California

View from Forman Winery over Napa Valley, California

Forman Vineyards is off the beaten path, in fact it’s almost off the grid entirely. That’s intentional because this maker of fabulous Cabernet and Chardonnay wine wants to remain a very private person. He’s not a hermit, just a great winemaker/scientist who wants to do most all the work in the vineyard and make his own wine.

Margaret, who takes care of customers and the small tasting room goes on vacation in June and Ric Forman simply shuts down the tasting room for the month. So, you can’t go there even if you know the way because the place is closed except for Ric who we found only by traveling dirt roads into his vineyard. He was busy and asked us to come back when he was done. Lucky for us he consented to
do an interview.  Check out his web site:

My wife and I found this place a dozen years ago when being taken around Napa Valley by a young woman who asked if we wanted to see an out of the way very small winery. We did.  She called and asked if we could come up for a tasting, so we went. We tasted and were blown away by these great wines. I mean, there isn’t even a sign to allow you to find the place and it’s almost off-road on a mountain road with many forks.

A vist to Forman Caves

A vist to Forman Caves

That’s intentional. They don’t want people to visit. It’s contradictory in a way because Ric wants people to love his wines. To say he is passionate about building great wines doesn’t seem a powerful enough word to apply to what he is doing. Perhaps love and passion together works better. In any case you won’t find his place on a map and he does not submit his wines for tastings to any publications. But, you cannot taste better wine. That’s a promise.

His son Toby works with him and also has a small vineyard up higher on Howell Mountain and his wine is different than his Dads’ due to different elevation and soils. Also a wonderful Cabernet. Dave Purcell





  1. Only one word can describe this wine…WOW!!! And given it’s crazy price point for the quality, make that “WOW WOW!!!”

    We both love this so much that it’s become our anniversary wine. We bought several cases and open one bottle every March. Just like our marriage, it just gets better and better every year.

    If you haven’t tried Forman wines yet, don’t let another day go by…it’s that good!

    • Ric’s hand crafted wines, from his perfectly managed vineyards, together with with his experienced cellaring techniques will always display the best possible “french style” taste, complexities & flavors in his Cabernets. Plus, his “chablis style” Chardonnay, served at bourgogne cellar temperatures (not too cold) will always show early elegance/finesse & complexity with bottle aging. Just doesn’t get any better………….Voila!

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