13 Nov 2021

30th Anniversary of a lifetime experience – Merano Wine Festival

Merano… That magical city surrounded by Italian Alps, located in Trentino, Northern Italy where you find two different cultures intertwined for decades. Trentino can be one of the most charming regions of Italy which is located between Austria and Switzerland in the north and the wonderful Lake Garda in the south. Its capital; Trento, and other big cities like Bolzano; were Austrian cities 100 years ago before World War I, that’s why the region has the combined culture of Italy and Austria even Germany. Do not surprise when you see all the signboards both in Italian and German; that’s the unique spirit of Trentino that you can never find anywhere else in the world!

Wine is one of the most important economical assets of the region where we welcome the amazing Trento DOC appellation, which literally makes Trentino one of the biggest Chardonnay producers of Italy! And of course, the food… Here the eating habits vary from typical Italian cuisine where you find the German/Austrian breezes like Schüttelbrot and Kaminwurz.

One day in 1992 all these treasures combined by a group of wine-passionate friends and today turned into one of the most important wine events in Europe: Merano Wine Festival! First festival was held in 1992 in Hotel Palace in Merano while the Gourmet-Club Alto Adige was founded as well! And this year we celebrated the 30th anniversary of this unique event again in same atmosphere and with same passion.

Then in 2005, Helmuth Kocher, the founder, and the President of Merano Wine Festival; started a new era with the Wine Hunter awards. Later on, many other exclusive events were born and organized like “The Wine Hunter Events” in London, Prague, Budapest, Munich, Hamburg, Vilnius, Kiev and so on… His passion to wine and excellence creates the difference and distinguishes it from other wine events that you can be participated before. This is not a cliché; you will be clearly seeing it when you arrive to Merano!

In Merano Wine Festival, you find the elegant and sincere atmosphere between the walls of Art Nouveau masterpiece; The Kurhaus. The event gives you the chance to discuss, share your opinions with the producers and the great opportunity of networking while you are tasting the amazing wines from different countries but of course mainly the Italian ones. The festival welcomes the food, the indispensable companion of wine and the spirits, to the visitors who enjoy the differentiation. For me the greatest difference of MWF is really having this sincere and enjoyable atmosphere which is not even possible to feel in other fairs, festivals, or events! Merano makes it magical when it combines its snowy peaks with Italian wines!

A perfect November Saturday starts in the mountains; having your breakfast with your espresso under the sun of Italian Alps and continues by inhaling the fresh air into your lungs while crossing through the bridge over River Passirio (Passer) and walking to The Kurhaus to taste the amazing wines! If you get hungry just take a short break at Forsterbräu Merano with a schnitzel or bratwurst and enjoy the difference of the culture just in 50 meters. If you are lucky enough like me, you would be participating to the events organized by the wineries or wine consortiums to learn closely about their wines and to see the passion in their eyes. After the long day running between networking and tasting; just forget the tiredness of the day with an amazing glass of champagne in Caffè Wunderbar which is another must-to-go of Merano Wine Festival!

Kept the best part to the end; MWF is open to everyone! To the wine professionals, traders, distributors, influencers and to wine lovers! You don’t need to be from the industry, just take your tickets and come along. Don’t miss that “lifetime” experience!

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